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Turkey: The Centre Cannot Hold

  By Abraham Thicke Turks who follow local media, largely reduced in recent years to acting as cheerleader for Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s regime, might be forgiven for believing that Turkey is on the rise. But they need not step far from the comfort blanket to feel the chill winds blowing. …


Inflation Rate Hits Double Digit: 10.68

Annual inflation rate has hit double digits again: 10.68%. The monthly inflation rate has reached 0.52%. The greatest increase was in education sector with an increase of 2,79%. Turkish Statistical Institute has announced the inflation data for August 2017. When compared to July, the inflation rate in August 2017 has …


How Turkey’s local car adventure made a Chinese car company one of world’s leading electric car makers

Ilhan Tanir Hakan Karaaytu Edited by WHatti Staff Interesting developments related to the domestic automotive industry have been revealed at TUBITAK, Turkey’s state scientific council, during the country’s latest election periods. The promise of Turkish-produced automobiles has been a near-constant feature of the ruling party’s agenda in recent years. The …


Moving Fast and Breaking Things III

When Donald Trump appointed his son-in-law Jared Kushner as an unofficial campaign aide, Kushner turned to Silicon Valley for help. Working with his brother, New York venture capitalist Josh Kushner, they used tech startup techniques to build now president Trump’s campaign strategy, according to a profile by Steven Bertoni of …