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How Turkey’s local car adventure made a Chinese car company one of world’s leading electric car makers

Ilhan Tanir Hakan Karaaytu Edited by WHatti Staff Interesting developments related to the domestic automotive industry have been revealed at TUBITAK, Turkey’s state scientific council, during the country’s latest election periods. The promise of Turkish-produced automobiles has been a near-constant feature of the ruling party’s agenda in recent years. The …


Prosecutor: Erdogan’s son in law, Min Albayrak’s hacked emails are “conditionally state secret”

New definition on Albayrak’s emails: E-mails ‘conditionally are state secret’ Pro-Erdogan daily newspaper Sabah published some of details of the indictment about journalists Tunca Öğreten, Mahir Kanaat ve Ömer Çelik, who are accused of to be affiliated with Red-Hack computer hacking group. Journalists appeared at the court after 188 days imprisonment. …