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78 years old grandmother Sise subjected to torture for 3 days on transference vehicle

78 year old Grandmother Sise subjected to torture for three days on transference vehicle

78 year old Sise Bingöl who is commonly known as Grandmother Sise has been transferred from a prison in Muş to another one in Tarsus on a three day journey by a transference vehicle for detainees. It is stated that the trip made her feet swell and worsened her medical condition. Her family members were not informed about her transference to another prison.

According to the news report published on Mezopotamya Agency, his grandson talked on the phone with Grandmother Sise who has been transferred along with many other detainees, clarified that the family members had gone to the prison before the dispatching her to the prison but relatives were not allowed to visit the grandmother. According to grandson’s account, the prison authorities informed them one week after the transference happened. Despite being elderly, she was subjected to this long and rough journey.

Background of the event

When she was 75 years old, Grandmother Sise was arrested but released after three months in jail due to her medical condition. 10 months later she was arrested again for another trial sentencing her to 4 years and 2 months in prison, convicted by a court for ‘helping and abetting terror organization intentionally and willingly’.

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