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Activist, Philanthrope, Businessperson Osman Kavala Detained


Anadolu Kültür Board Chair Osman Kavala has been detained at Atatürk Airport in İstanbul.

It was reported that he was detained on his return from a meeting of a project planned to be realized in cooperation with Goethe Institute in Antep.

Police seized Kavala and his secretary’s computer at Anadolu Kültür.

Speaking to bianet, Osman Kavala’s lawyer Tolga Aytöre said that he couldn’t meet Kavala as of 11:50 a.m.

Even though there is no definite statement on whether there is a sealing order on the case, Aytöre said he thinks there is.

About Osman Kavala

Kavala was born in Paris in 1957. He graduated from Department of Economy at Manchester University.

He has been working as executive at Kavala Group since 1982.

He participated in foundation of Turkey’s one of the most prominent publishing houses with Murat Belge, İletişim Publications.

He served as member at administrative boards of business institutions and NGOs such as Turkey-Poland Business Council, Turkey-Greece Business Council, and Center For Democracy in Southeast Europe.

Kavala is a member of Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) Administrative Board, Open Society Institute Consulting Board, and supporter of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, History Foundation and Diyarbakır Culture House. (EKN/TK)

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