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The 5 fears of Erdogan Government


Turkish journalist Erdem Gül, evaluated the Turkish Ruling Party’s (AKP) recent fears under five main headings

AKP’s operations for its organizations and municipalities is due to the election results of April 16 and the anxieties for 2019 election. Among the mayors indicated to be changed who are mentioned as “5 + 1” (Düzce, Balikesir, Bursa, Niğde, Istanbul and Ankara)  the most critical ones are Istanbul and Ankara.

Because of the risk of damaging the party in 2019 elections, “fear”, which can be gathered under five headings, is mentioned as the reason for the decision of the operation.

Each previously encountered periodically alone, but for the first time in the history of the party this time, all five of the fears involved in the party. Cumhuriyet’s Ankara representative Erdem Gül summarized Erdogan’s 5 fears as follows:

Municipality Disadvantage: In 1994, the Welfare Party (RP) widely won municipal elections, especially in Istanbul and Ankara and AKP has built its success on these achievements.

The most important reason of the AKP coming to power was the efforts of these municipalities. The municipalities have always contributed to the growth of the party. However, for the first time in the 2014 mayoral elections, the winds have changed. The voting rates in the municipalities began to fall below the rate of the party. Surveys show that this decline continues. The decreasing of the yes votes in Istanbul and Ankara in the April 16 referendum was a sign of the decline in municipalities.

Idealist-Professional Politician: In AKP, not only the mayors but also the organization in the framework of metal fatigue detection were operated. 22 provincial chairmans have been resigned or dismissed.

However, in the last period of the party the new organizational managers called as the third and fourth generation come to power and the idealist identity of the party began to dissolve.

This change in the organizational managers manifested itself as the tendency of the organizations to be more interested and talked about “tender-unearned income-money”.

Offendeds:The resentment of the founding members continues as the party moves away from its initial identity of “collective sense management”. Former President Abdullah Gul, despite the obvious lack of opposition, gives the message that he will keep of the party. It is known that former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu saw himself as a victim. The alienation of many former ministers, especially Bülent Arinc from the founders, has not been remedied. it is clear that the continuing of these depoliticizing will be a problem for the 2019 elections.

Akşener’s Party:The Meral Akşener movement, which is expected to establish the party by the end of this month, is also a hardship for the AKP before 2019. The surveys indicate that the Akşener sympathizer of right-wing voters in the AKP is also seen as a risk for the 2019 election.

FETO Victims:The massive expansion of Fethullah Gülen Movement(FETO) investigations is also seen as one of the troubles for the party. The direct involvement of nearly one million voters in the investigation of the FETO, affects the vote rate  before 2019. The AKP voters who are not directly involved in the coup, but who are affected by the widespread FETO investigations, are also considered as a problem for 2019 elections.

Ebubekir Ertuğrul

Edited by Sarah Metzker Erdemir

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