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Erdogan’s old friend cafe is shut down due to hosting an opposition MP

Buhurdan Cafe is shut down; Even if your family name is “Erdogan” yet you cannot escape from pressure unless you’re from AKP

Last day a cafe in Istanbul/ Uskudar before has shut down by the local authority. The owner of the cafe Ali Erdogan says that the city municipality warned him about Mehmet Bekaroglu who is a deputy of major opposition party (CHP) coming into the place, and he adds that “even if I am from Rize like as President Erdogan too, and my family name is also “Erdogan” they don’t let you to live unless you’re one of them.”

Ali Erdogan is known with his close friendship and working together with current President Erdogan in early 1990s in Istanbul. Also Ali Erdogan is from the same village in Rize as President Erdogan. Ali Erdogan also lived in the same neighborhood with Erdogan in Istanbul for years, working closely with him.

The cafe that has been shut down last day, has been a host of a unity named Right and Justice Platform which comes together weekly and talks about art, literature and politics. This society consists of politicians, artists and people from different social groups.

According to report of the Haci Biskin from Daily Duvar, Ali Erdogan said that he has taken many warnings from the municipality of the Uskudar about this gathering and also about Mehmet Bekaroglu’s coming into the place.

Ali Erdogan believes that the shutting down of the cafe stems from his political perspective. He also adds; although he said them that he has the title to run the cafe, police officers didn’t care to listen him.

Ali Erdogan says that his cafe is shut down because he didn’t obey local authority’s warnings. As he says further; the cafe was a place where thought and ideas were being shared freely and without fear. He says that they always stand for human rights and justice. He believes that due to their dare against suppression and tyranny, they shut down his place unlawfully.

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