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”Abdullah Gül is getting ready for a serious comeback”

Ahmet Takan, the former adviser of President Abdullah Gul and now a columnist for the newspaper Yeniçağ, discussed an interesting topic in today’s column. Takan claimed that Abdullah Gül, former President and a founder of the AKP, is working to create new a political party. The news continues as follows:

Abdullah Gül has resurfaced again. The dangerous details of the Zarrab case that are emerging are not mere coincidence! Abdullah Gül has recently been talking about his office and his house in Istanbul, along with his UK-based visits to garner support. According to unconfirmed reports, the former co-president of the AKP has been visiting with Gül.

According to an unnamed source, “Abdullah Gül will make a very serious political attack this time.” They are pinning their hopes on Gül’s messages on social media. After Erdoğan gave the “TEOG abolition” order, Gül made a great deal of sense in his Twitter message when he wrote, “I hope that the revision of the exam system on the agenda now will be carried out with a multidimensional study and, in particular, following the principles of equal opportunity.”

Hakan Karaaytu

Edited by Sarah Metzker Erdemir

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