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Policemen who Protected Erdoğan on Coup day were arrested, accused of being ‘FETÖ’ members

It was reported that some of the policemen who protected President Erdoğan on the night of 15th July coup attempt were arrested over ‘FETÖ’ ties. Emirşah Baştoğ, the chairman of the court that was overseeing the coup attempt said ‘Some of the policemen who shot it out with you were also arrested over ‘FETÖ’. The water is so muddy…’

The trial of 47 suspects (one escapee, 37 putschists, 43 arrested) from Special Forces and Battleship Search and Rescue (MAK) Team who raided to Erdoğan’s hotel in Marmaris during the 15th July coup attempt, is continuing on Muğla 2nd Heavy Criminal Court. Before trial, special operations forces located on the roofs and agile forces took security precautions in the surrounding area.

Şükrü Seymen who was the major officer from the Special Forces Command continued his defence on the second day of court. ‘It is claimed in the indictment that I shot the helicopter. The fact in the indictment is that the security forces shot the helicopter and wounded the lieutenant Haldun Gülmez. I called the pilot on the seaside while I was on my knees. I ordered for the policemen who shot us to kill, not to response them. We don’t have problem with them. I didn’t shoot, I didn’t even have a gun in my hand. In one of the indictments of the defendants, there is a claim that the police would use chemical weapons against us.’, he said.

Emirdağ Baştoğ, the chairman of the court said that: ’It is obviously fired from the helicopter. We cannot know with which psychology the police behaved.But some of those police were arrested with ‘FETÖ’ accusation. The water is so blurred…’

Ebru Aksay

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