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Iran: a new and positive atmosphere emerging with Turkey

After the meeting that took place between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Iranian counterpart Hasan Ruhani in Kazakistan, the Spokesperson of Iranian Foreign Ministry, Mr. Bahram Qasimi  evaluated the current relations, emphasizing the improvement in the bilateral relations in recent months and these improvements will be on much more solid ground soon with the meetings between higher delegates.

In press conference, Bahram Qasimi replied to the questions of reporters and assessed the statement by Iranian President Ruhani following his meeting with Turkish President Erdoğan. Mr. Ruhani said “ the relations between Iran and Turkey progressed into a newer dimension”

Mr. Bahram Qasimi replied that in recent months the bilateral relations are in upward tendency. He continued “The meeting between higher delegates are going to continue in coming months. A new atmosphere is emerging between two countries. Due to current regional and global developments, two countries would like to benefit mutually from each other’s strengths.”

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