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Yet another coup scandal, involving yet another son-in-law!

Yet another crisis (scandal?), involving yet another son-in-law!

General Mehmet Disli, one of the alleged military generals and leaders of last year’s failed coup attempt in Turkey, had four calls with someone that night. It turns out that the man General Disli spoke with is Fatih Danaci, not just his brother’s son-in-law, but also an advisor to a member of TBMM, Turkey’s parliament! What is more, Saban Disli, General Disli’s brother, was recently appointed President Erdogan’s Chief Advisor.!

Sami Mentes, of OdaTV, reported the information that Danaci was the man General Disli called four times during the night of the coup attempt.

According to Mentes, “One of the most important names associated with last year’s failed coup attempt is General Mehmet Disli. But, it seems that General Disli’s importance is not just due to his role as a member of the group who took General Hulusi Akar, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, hostage.

General Disli is also the brother of Saban Disli. Saban Disli is not just anyone, but a prominent member of the AKP who was appointed as President Erdogan’s Chief Advisor just last week.

Despite vehemently proclaiming that they do not have a relationship, just days prior to the coup attempt, Saban Disli had arranged for his brother, General Disli and President Erdogan to meet on July 18, 2017.

If the coup attempt had not taken place, General Disli would have met with President Erdogan on the appointed day to discuss Defense Department projects proposed by General Disli!”

Telephone Conversations

“General Disli is currently under trial for his role in the Akinci Base coup attempt.  While the General’s relationship with his brother was discussed frequently, AKP Saban Disli told the press that he and his brother had no discussions during the coup attempt. General Disli stated the same, telling the court, ‘I wish I had contacted my brother. I would not be here now.’

The prosecution, based on analysis of mobile phone records, had assumed the same, that there had been no contact between the two during the conflict.”

The man General Disli called four times turns out to be Saban Disli’s son-in-law!


The man General Disli called four times during the conflict turns out to be Fatih Danaci. Danaci is not just anyone. He is Saban Disli’s son-in-law, someone who is constantly with the Disli family.

It is not known why there was no information or details of General Disli’s calls to Danaci included in the court files.”

The Son-in-Law is still an advisor and consultant to AKP Member of Parliament, Zeki Aygun

General Disli, one of the leaders of the coup attempt, spoke with Fatih Danaci four times during the coup attempt. Fatih Danaci is the son-in-law of Saban Disli, a senior advisor to President Erdogan. Fatih Danaci is still serving as a parliamentary advisor to a prominent AKP Member of Parliament, Zeki Aygun,”

Translated and edited by Hatice Murphy

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