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PKK abducts 2 Turkish Intel officers in Sulaimani, Turkey shuts down PUK office in Ankara in return

The abduction of two members of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) northwest of Sulaimani has created tension between Ankara and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

Two members of Turkeys MIT arrived in the city of Sulaimani through Sulaimani International Airport for the third time over the past few days, according to information NRT has filed.

The MIT members intended to carry out several activities including attempts to “assassinate” a top PKK leader.

The two MIT members stayed one night at High Crest Hotel in Sulaimani, according to information obtained by NRT. They later went to Dukan district where they were detained and abducted by the PKK.

The PKK monitored the MIT members and has taken them to the Qandil Mountains, according to information NRT has obtained.

Turkey has criticized the PUK and urged the party to release the two members, due to the PUK’s authority in the area. Information NRT obtained says Turkey has warned of consequences.

Turkey expelled PUK representative in Ankara, Bahroz Galali, along with his family on Thursday (August 24).

Galali said during a press conference that the Turkish Foreign Ministry had informed him the PUK’s office in Ankara had to be closed and he had to return to the Kurdistan Region due to an incident which took place in the PUK zone in the Kurdistan Region.

PUK Politburo member, Saadi Ahmed Pira, told NRT on Thursday Turkey wanted the PUK and its representative to pay the price of an incident for which Ankara has not been successful.

He further said the PUK is in contact with Turkey to resolve the issue.


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