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Former Turkish Singer Atilla Taş asked Turkish Govt’s spox: Am I a subject of Zeus?

Atilla Tas, a singer turned into a politician and writer who has been on trial for Gulenist media propaganda, has defended his innocence responding to a tweet of former justice minister and current spokeperson of the AKP government Bekir Bozdag. Bozdag had recently tweeted: “Is there any God’s subject on earth who has been arrested in Turkey for having tweeted? No.” to which Tas had answered: “Am I a subject of Zeus then?”

“My mind is clear”

In his defence at his trial Tas has said the following: “In the writing behind you it says ‘Justice is the basis of property’ but it should’ve said ‘Justice is the basis of tyranny’. I want to say this honestly and with my whole heart. I condemn wholeheartedly this coup attempt and I hope that the perpetrators will face their punishments. If I had the slightest doubt in my mind about being guilty I would have already killed myself. My mind is really clear, that is why I can still breath and stay alive today.”

“No one would take me into a cult”

Tas added: “I am innocent, I have been in jail for no reason for a year now. A minister has recently said that there is no God’s subject in Turkey who got arrested for tweeting. What am I then? A subject of Zeus? I am also a subject of God. I am a remorseless revolutionary. I am a follower of Ataturk. I am a soldier of Mustafa Kemal. This is what I am most proud of. If there are any cults who would take me in like this, I would directly join them but there aren’t. I have never had a connection with any religious cults in my lifetime. I always followed books and teachers.” 

“Were they going to make me minister of culture?”

Tas has reiterated that he posted an anti-coup tweet the night of the coup. He added that judges and prosecutors purposefully ignored his old tweets. He also said the following: “No matter how much I am against the current government, a coup is never something I could allow. Yet, here I am getting tried for plotting a coup. Were they going to make me minister of culture if the coup succeeded, is that why I would support the coup? May god curse these putschists.”

Atilla Taş was a prolific twitter user who had about a million followers and was famous for his stinging criticism of the Turkish government. His funny tweets and whip-smart attitude gained him a second fame after quitting to be a singer.

Judge: There can be another coup!

Judge released 2 others but rejected to release Atilla Taş and other 9 people. According to ruling of the judge, the reason for not releasing former singer Taş is: ”not to cause [July 15] events repeat and protecting public safety and national interests from from similar risks..”

Denizalp Göktaş

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