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Here is Erdogan’s newest media boss: ”a real crime machine”

Here is the profile of new boss in Turkish Government’s ”pool media”: Hasan Yesildağ

Ethem Sancak who is known for his love for Erdogan, quit media world and Hasan Yesilday has taken over the media group involving Aksam newspaper & 360-STAR-KANAL24 channels. Here is his dark background published in the Turkish media:

Ethem Sancak who has publicly expressed his great love for Erdogan, decided to get away from media world upon his selection to Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) Central Executive Committee. After weeks of rumours, it is now reported that new boss of the media group is Hasan Yesildag who perpetrated a crime in order to be imprisoned (to become his bodyguard) during Erdogan’s short jail sentence in late 1990s.

Who is Hasan Yesildag?

A real outlaw

Hasan Yesildag who was jailed for bogus check crime to become Erdogan’s bodyguard for 4 months during Erdogan’s jail term in 1998. He explicitly stated that his milestone was the day Erdogan was sentenced. However he has a crime history preceding that date.

According to Mahmut Ovur’s article, published on 16.02.2006 in the daily Sabah newspaper,

“Istanbul Municipality Congressman, AKP member, Zeki Yesildag was married in Washington. As you know Yesildag last name is prominent in Turkey’s high hills. Especially Hasan Yesildag name is familiar to the readers of this column. Actually uptrend of Yesildag brothers is not different than thrill and adventure books. This new chapter begins with a new name just joined to Yesildag family. Bride of this ceremony is a name that would surprise you. You would remember Civangate scandal over 12 years ago. Bride is sister of Engin Civan who was the main actor of Civangate scandal as the general manager of Emlakbank: Mujde Civan

Her name was also mentioned during Abdi Ipekci Assasination case, and it was claimed that she was the confessor.

Article goes on:

“When Agca was arrested again upon his false release, his brother Adnan Agca was complaining  to media in front of the penitentiary. He was frustrated. With the anger, he talked smack. In between his words, there were nonsense parts but also there were some interesting claims. One of his claims :

Prime minister’s secret safe: Hasan Yesildag and Erdogan have secret meetings everyday. Accomplice of Mehmet Ali Agca, Hasan Yesildag, they were together in Kartal. (meaning Kartal penitentiary )

Isn’t it surprising? What does he try to infer?

At first these can be described nonsense but what if they are true? As a matter of fact nobody took them seriously and asked questions.

Sentenced due to drug trafficking in Switzerland

In his column in Milliyet newspaper, Tuncay Ozkan, described relation of Hasan Yesildag – Erdogan was as follows :

Hasan Yesildag was a member of Abdullah Catli (convicted Turkish secret government agent, and contract killer for the Counter-Guerrilla Group). Then this relationship ended due to drugs. Hasan Yesildag was involved in Abdi Ipekci assassination, arrested, talked to police and informed on some of his friends. He was a fugitive in Switzerland. He had prison sentence there for drus and hidden activities. He was one of the people who knows drug business in Europe. He is well known by Swiss Attorneys and secret service. There were also used many times.  However while others incarcerated  with him, are not able to enter  Switzerland again, Switzerland became the second homeland for Yesildag.

Today still, one of his brothers, Ali is wanted for kidnapping gangster Ali Fevzi Bir.  

Hasan Yesildag can be seen together with Liberals as well as Islamic politicians like a skilled dancer. Switzerland is an important destination in the family’s activities.

Erdogan’s statement about him “ Yesil-dag (green-mountain) was put into prison 3 days earlier than me“ which is correct for timing but not for content.

How did he become Erdogan’s bodyguard?

Erdogan , before he selected Pinarhisar Penitentiary to spend his 4 months vacation, Hasan Yesildag was sent to same penitentiary due to a simple bogus charge. 8 apartments were rented , reliable people were located to these flats , all equippd with surveillance  cameras. Gas station at the country entrance was also equipped with cameras and all entrance and exit of city was taken in to control.

He was also managing Erdogan’s meetings

Many other convits were transferred to other prisons , and penitentiary was all renewed. All necessary comfort was supplied to the penitentiary. All points were equipped wih cameras and armed men were controlling all areas. Mobile phone was always on his table and his meetings were also managed by Hasan Yesildag.

Hasan Yesildag dining with Minister and Congressmann of AKP

In Nov 2008, for Rize City celebrations , State Minister Hayati Yazici, Congressman from Rize Ali Bayramoglu, Provincial head of AKP for Rize Yilmaz Katmer, Cayeli District Caimacam Mehmet Aktas, Turkish Airlines VP Executive Board Hamdi Topcu, and Hasan Yesildag were all together.


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