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This is how pro-AKP media tries to criminalize critical journalists, main opposition party leader

The pro-government media labeled human rights activists arrested in Büyükada as ‘terrorist’, and the pro-government media is now in the race to show the CHP leader as a terrorist.

This kind of coverage has been started after President Erdogan’s recent attacks on CHP deputy Enis Berberoğlu. Erdogan accused Enes Berberoglu of being a traitor.

According to one of the pro-government newspapers Sabah, the activists gathered in Buyukada island were carrying the aim of chaos.  Therefore the newspaper described this meeting as “chaos meetings”. According to Sabah newspaper, there are strong links between CHP and the people who attended to this “chaos meetings” according artigercek who ran a piece on the whole episode which is summarized below but made additions and changes by WHatti.

Not only Sabah, other pro-AKP papers such as Star, Gunes, Takvim and YeniAkit, ran identical stories criminalizing journalists and main opposition party leader and deputies.

In addition, journalists associated with the group were identified by Sabah newspaper. According to Sabah Banu Guven, Elif Ilgaz, Ertuğrul Mavioğlu, Canan Coşkun and Erol Önderoğlu among these journalists. Sabah newspaper showed a great example of journalism and found criminals before the prosecutor (!)

Pro-government media claimed that these ten human rights defenders (or so called people who gathered for chaos) has ties to CHP.  According to the Sabah newspaper, Sisli and Sariyer municipalities had close contacts with these human right defenders and they promised to support them.  “In the days when the CHP marched under the pretext of ” justice “, the ten supposed human rights defenders, who were gathered in Büyükada for chaos, were determined to be in contact with the CHP, and the CHP’s Şişli and Sarıyer municipalities vowed to support them.” The newspaper wrote. Sabah newspaper also noted that in their WhatsApp conversations the names of two municipalities were often mentioned.

According to Sabah newspaper, the relationship between these groups was more complicated than this.  There were some journalists in this group’s WhatsApp group as well. Actually, the newspaper was talking about the group of Whatsapp that journalist Ahmet Şık’s friends made for the Cumhuriyet case but Sabah newspaper did not tell the truth.

Sabah continued and wrote “the name of the journalist who were in the Whatsapp group named “birlikte ozguruz” (we are free together) also were unearthed.” Pro-palace paper wrote all of those journalists in the WhatsApp group which is not re-published here.

So, it seems Sabah newspaper wrote the indictment before the prosecutor but they wrote such ridiculous manner that they did not even pay attention to who worked which newspaper.

Mustafa Oz, Texas

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