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Erdogan’s Fmr Military Aide Ali Yazıcı: If I wanted to assassinate him, I would have done it

Former Military Aide Ali Yazıcı: If I wanted to assassinate Erdogan, I would have done it, I was always nearby him

Former Military Aide Ali Yazıcı during the hearing of the case of assassination attempt against President Erdoğan said “I am currently accused of assisting in the assassination attempt. If I wanted to fulfill such a task, I was with the President for 24hrs and I was in the perfect position to complete the task”

The case involving 47 people, 3 of which are still at large, who are accused of trying to assassinate President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the city of Muğla while he was vacationing on the night of 15th July coup attempt resumed its fourth hearing.

Due to inadequate seating at the courtroom, Muğla’s 2nd high criminal court decided to continue the hearing at the auditorium of Muğla chamber of Commerce and Industry. Some of convicted people were brought into the auditorium with high level of security. Some of them were excluded from hearing and not brought to the courtroom as they were allowed to prepare their defense statements.

At the hearing, the defense statement from each defendant were heard. At the fourth hearing, former military aide Ali Yazıcı to President Erdoğan offered his defense statement.


Yazıcı said “he might have been entrapped on the night of the coup attempt. I was with President Erdoğan for 24hrs and sometimes I have my gun with me. Right now I am being accused of assisting in the assassination attempt; if I had such intentions, I was in a much suitable position.”

In the indictment which targets Fethullah Gülen as the number one suspect, the defendants are punished for the criminal activities such as ‘assassination attempt to the President’, ‘violation of Constitution’, ‘crime against legislative as well as the executive branches’, ‘being a member of a terrorist organization’.

The prosecutor demands at least a 6-lifetime sentencing for the assassination team who comprised of 37 soldiers including one fugitive.

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