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Özdag told about new party: Suprise names will join to the party

Leading opponents from nationalist Movement Party (MHP) stated that the new party they would set up with Meral Aksener would not be placed into “center right” but national center and many surprising names would joint to the new party.  

Interviewed with Ipek Ozbey of Hurriyet, Ozdag added that new party would be setup in city of Samsun which has a very big meaning in foundation of republic.

According to Ozdag, name of party had not been decided yet and philosophy of the party was summarized:

“No, we are not central right party. First of all we are a political movement embracing whole country. We position ourself in national center which means a central party inviting all patriotic people from right and left. The party will be securing everyone’s life style. We are aware of this : Actual government is about to leave the country in a condition like 1913 conditions. We are a group of people embracing Turkey to overcome this huge destruction and preparing a very good program. Our party , in a way, will be carrying the soul of 1stParliament. Turkey has to return to foundation philosophy and national values. “

Significant members will join from Business World  

Ozdag also underlined that people from all political parties are joining the party and answered the question “if there would be names that would surprise us? “ as follows :

“Yes, there will be very surprising people indeed. Names known by people who never showed up on political scene. Some of them would be not familiar to all the country but very strong in their fields and well-known. Also there would be political names that people will feel to say that they had also seen the danger so joining new party”. Also important participants from business world will be in the party.”

 As soon as party is founded, there will be parliamentary  group

Ozdag also alleged that new party will have a parliamentary group (at least 20 MPs) in a very short period : “At this time, there is not much known about the party beside myself and party leader Meral Aksener. We have not announced our party program yet. After these are done, public will make a real assessment about us. Acc. to the recent polls made by different companies, tell us that in case of a new election, government will be changed. And I can say that we are nearly sure that as soon as party is set up, we will have a parliamentary group.


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