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HQ of coup attempt ‘Akıncı Base’ case began

The proceedings which will take place at the hall of Sincan Prison will continue till 29th August.

The trials of 486 soldiers, alleged to be FETO members of Turkish Armed Forces, from Akıncı Air base used as HQ for the coup attempt on 15th July 2016 will begin at Ankara’s 4th High Criminal Court today.

Among the suspects, Fethullah Gülen as the main suspect, Akın Öztürk as one of the key names in the coup attempt and Adil Öksüz, Kemal Batmaz, Harun Biniş, Nurettin Oruç and Hakan Çiçek identified as ‘civil imams’ as well as the pilots who bombed several crucial targets on the coup night will be tried at the court room of Sincan Prison till 29th August.

Harun Biniş, on Tuesday Aug 1, taken to the court.

Regarding the events took place at Akıncı airbase, used as headquarters during the coup attempt and a location for many key names, Mr. Gülen is considered as the number 1 suspect whereas Mr. Öksüz is number 2 and Mr. Batmaz is number 3.

The trials presided by Selfet Giray of Ankara’s 4th high Criminal court will begin today at the court room of Sincan prison and will continue till 29th of August.

Today, in first trial, alleged Gulenist imam Kemal Batmaz was brought to the court as number one, former air force commander Akin Öztürk followed him as the second. Biniş, Oruç and Çiçek followed Öztürk as third, fourth and fifth high-ranking suspects of the Akinci trials.

Akinci military base was the first military base when the coup launched and special forces sent by to seize General Chief of Staff Hulusi Akar and other hight ranking military officers, including 2. General Chief of Staff.

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