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Main Opposition Party Leader Kılıçdaroğlu: Release Cumhuriyet journalists immediately

Turkey’s main opposition party CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu made a sharp criticism for continuation of detention of 4 Cumhuriyet employees despite the release of other 7. He said; “Release our friends immediately. What does the publication policy of the newspaper has to do with the prosecutor? For this reason, the prosecutors who wrote the indictment must be investigated for misleading the judiciary.”

Seven defendants were released in the case of Cumhuriyet. Chief Executive Officer Akın Atalay, Chief Editor Murat Sabuncu, Editorial Advisor Kadri Gürsel, reporter Ahmet Şık and accounting service employee Emre İper are still in custody. CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu answered the questions of Cumhuriyet newspaper about Cumhuriyet case and the detention of Istanbul MP Enis Berberoğlu and five of our friends.

He said followings in the interview;

“I read a lot of the defenses given in the court from the newspapers. After reading the defenses, I thought that the court would release all Cumhuriyet employees. I was deeply worried that our four friends were not released. This indicates that the court’s decision is not fair and objective, and the decision is taken at some other places.

It is not wise to accuse a newspaper like Cumhuriyet who had fought with FETÖ during its publication life. It is unbelievable for a prosecutor like Murat İnam, who is being prosecuted for life due to alleged FETÖ ties, to write the indictment. After I say this, the Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office has made a statement hurriedly. Who gave the order to Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office for the statement? We need to focus on this.

Cumhuriyet is the academy of press world. It is also a journal of ideas and opinions. It determines the agenda of country; whether you love it or not, everyone wonders what is written in Cumhuriyet. It is the oldest newspaper in Turkey and the well-known all over the world.

You need to release our 4 friends immediately who were not released on that day and left in jail. If there is a little piece of respect for democracy or law, these people need to be released.

Actually, if the law had worked properly, it was necessary to investigate the prosecutors who wrote the indictment for misleading the judiciary. It is now clear that the prosecutors who prepared the indictment are secret FETÖ members.

What does the publication policy of the newspaper has to do with the prosecutor? If the publication policy disturbs the dictator, it shows that journalist is on the right path. Because Cumhuriyet is against the authoritarian ruling. It defends democracy and freedoms. Cumhuriyet already exists for the pro-dictatorship to disturb.

Cumhuriyet case went beyond being a local case; It became a universal case. Everywhere in the world people have been the followers of this case to bring democracy to Turkey. Cumhuriyet case is a litmus paper showing that democracy comes or goes.”

Kılıçdaroğlu also predicted that his party CHP’s MP Enis Berberoğlu, who is the former editor in chief of Hurriyet Daily, would also released soon.

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