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Pro-govt paper: Ultranationalists in the Turkish Army may attempt a new coup

According to Turkiye Daily newspaper’s columnist Nuri Elibol; the Ultra-Nationalists still a threat for a new coup attempt

Elibol claims that ultra-nationalists in the military could still prepare a new coup within two years based on sources from security bureaucracy. According to Elibol’s unnamed sources in the security sectors; the Ultra-Nationalists could attempt a new coup in one and half or in two years period unless the system’s weakness is corrected and the civilian-military relationship is upgraded in line with EU norms.

He states that Turkey and other states around the world have realized from July 15th that a coup cannot be succeeded unless it happens in chain of command order. 

Assassination Attempts against Politicians

His sources claim that FETO is no longer powerful in the army for planning a new coup after the ongoing operations and expulsions. It stems from the fact that FETO has no more crypto members in the army at the command post or even as a commander of a troop levels. On the other hand, his sources warn that, although FETO (Gulenist Terrorist Organization) is no longer powerful as to initiate another attempt to take over the government they could still organize political assassinations by using their under-cover members.

Deficiency in the System

Elibol says that, according to his sources in security bureaucracy, FETO took advantages of weaknesses in the chain of command and the deficiencies in the system. They also warn about these weaknesses which if they are not to be corrected in short period of time, others could abuse these to plan new attempts like 15th July. He claims that if these problems will not be solved properly in near future, there will be always someone who may try to benefit from.

FETO as a pawn for “Western Powers”

According to his sources, FETO was a useful tool for USA, Germany and other Western powers and still is. His sources believes that these “Western powers” could still use FETO as a useful tool because finding new pawns and replace them with old ones is not an easy solution for them. They also claim that their theory also reveals the secret under the fact that why the US and Germany still protect and accept FETO members into their countries and hide them from Turkey.

FETO is transfering their properties in abroad

His sources also claims that they fellow FETO members and activities in other countries. Although they maintain their existences and restrain their activities in abroad they begun to transfer their properties to local people or to European companies as a precaution. But despite their situation in Turkey, they still try to send money for their members in prison.

Translated by Dogan Tuncer

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