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Weekly Status: 151 are arrested due to their social media posts

Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that within last week there were 151 arrests as a result of their shares in social media.

Ministry published the weekly operations records for the 17-24th July week. According to the records, 2,697 social accounts were investigated, and the owners of 1199 accounts were identified. Among these, 151 were arrested.

Ministry did not comment any further if those arrests did result in any jail time or not.

As a result of the investigation on the social media accounts, it was found that these accounts make propaganda for terrorist organizations such as FETO/PDY, PKK/TAK, ISIS and that they support and praise such organizations and that they provoke hatred and animosity among the public and insult to the high level state officials. In addition, within the last week, 1,098 people were arrested with alleged participation in terror groups.

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