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Turkish F16 Pilot: I went to complain about Gulenists, turned out every military officer was Gulenist

Photo: Reuters

According to the accusations of the office of the head prosecutor of Ankara, which was reported by mildly pro-AKP government Karar newspaper, nearly all students and F-16 pilots that attended the Akinci 4 main jet base were members of Gulen Group or as the Turkey government calls “FETO” (Fethullah terrorist organisation).

The supporting documents used to accuse the pilots and students also included the statement of Cemil Selvi, a confessing pilot: “When I finished school, I started my duties at the Izmir Cigli main Jet base as a candidate pilot. I was in contact with 3 organizations. They started asking for money. They were taking away 15% of our salaries. As a result, after a few months we no more wanted to give them money. However, we knew that if we had not given them our money we would’ve been bullied at work. For instance, many students who did not cooperate with the Gulenist failed their exams for no reason.

90% of the military I was in is controlled by the Gulenists

Selvi added that after the events of 17-25 december he tried to save himself from the Gulenists but he could not as “90 of the military I was in was in the hands of Gulenists.” As a result, he says that he had no clue about who to report to whom.

“Despite having good grades, I could not pass my classes”

Selvi continued:”As I was part of the ⅕ of the military that could not be trusted, they started changing the Gulenist Abis (Gulenists charged of surveilling the lower grades of the military to make sure they complied) more often. Because of the frictions between me and the Gulenists, despite having good grades, I could not pass my classes. Due to the pressure, I decided to switch out of my military division and let go of my dream of becoming a pilot. Yet, they did not let me switch out of my division with a military council decision and put me in helicopter piloting classes.”

“The coup happened when I was on leave.”

Selvi added that he was sent to the 3rd main jet base in Konya as a helicopter pilot and took his yearly leave to go back to his hometown. “After that date I have never contacted someone called Ahmet Erol. During my leave the coup attempt happened. After the coup, I thought it was appropriate to tell the truth about the Gulenists, so I confessed to the main police station in Konya.”

Prepared by Denizalp Goktas

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