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Expunged Prof. Kaboğlu: The AKP government is preferring ‘its own religious groups’ now this time

Removed off from his position at Marmara University by the Execution Order, Prof. İbrahim Kaboğlu respected as one of the most experienced law professors in Turkey recently claimed that the government who has to follow the rule of law and of merit in its campaign against FETO is using its own ‘religious groups’ in this fight.

Kaboğlu who is known as one of the constitutional experts in Turkey was removed off from his post by the executive order on 7th February while serving as the President at Faculty of Law at Marmara University.

Kaboğlu said that we taught our students to have critical thinking, the executive order decreed on the evening of 7th February wiped out everything we taught them.

‘It is easy to move from one religious group to another’

In the interview with Reuters, Kaboğlu noted that the condition of the judicial system in Turkey is gruesomely devastating and angering.

Pointing out that the campaign against the Gulen Movement has to follow the rule of law and of merit but the government is now carrying out through its own religious groups, Prof. Kaboğlu said that while the religious groups clearing their names, the worst happens to those who defend the law.

Prof. Kaboğlu, claiming that the lack of respect towards the law and merit resulted in the coup attempt, continued as follows: the government is not sincere when they say they are giving a hard fight against the Gulen Movement. In a campaign against the old ally, the government had to return to the rule of law and to the merit. However, instead of turning to such values, the government preferred its own religious groups. What is wrong with this approach? Firstly, it is very easy to switch back and forth between the groups. In order to clear their names up, they can readily confess that they do not belong to FETO but a Naqshbandi. The worst happens to those like me, defending the law. The most troubling thing here is that you are being put in the same basket as the Gulen Movement is in, which you have been giving fight against 10 years ago. I don’t think there is anything more hurtful than this. Besides, it is a contradiction that needs to be resolved.

“Arrogance of as-if-nothing-happened”

Emphasizing on how important to defend law, human rights and state of law, Prof. Kaboğlu said “I can not find anyone to keep accountable. As an employee of Marmara University, I can see the university administration, a higher education council above it and a government who signed the executive order. Unfortunately, these three places are acting as three monkeys. Did-not-see, did-not-hear and did-not-speak. Of course, this hurts a lot.”

“The point of where the judicial system came to in Turkey is gruesomely agonizing and angering. For this reason, employing their tactics or pretending as if nothing had happened in Turkey or everything is rosy are the wrong approaches. We have to respond with the rule of law, with the language of human rights and with the modern and universal values”, continued Prof. Kaboğlu.

Comfort zone of “earned rights”

Mentioning that those defending the rule of law have to put their anger in the backseat, Prof. Kaboğlu said that we cannot let down our fight for democracy and human rights in our pursuit to the Justice. This can only take place in societies like Turkey by ensuring the continuity of the fight and by enlarging its influence. We can never get into the comfort zone of “earned rights”.

Prof.  Kaboğlu concluded the interview: if the society came to a point where everyone agrees that ‘Justice is for everyone, we need the rule of law, please hear us!’, we have a long way to go. If we don’t pay attention, let alone our kids, may be our grandkids won’t be able to see it”

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