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Jails During State Of Emergency: One-Man Food For 3 Persons, Torture And Pounding…

Tarsus T-type Closed Penitentiary for women come to the fore for human rights’ violeation. Acc. to the lawyer Mehdi Zana Akkaya, upon his interview with his client, bad treatment, pounding , physical torture are seen in the penitentiary in which one-man food for 3 persons, one demijohn (20 liters) water for 17 persons on daily basis is given. Convicts in the penitentiary are stating that unless these bad treaments come to an end, they might start unger-strike, reported by gazete karınca.


Viaolations of rights are dramatically increasing in the penitentiaries during State of Emergency


Recent violation news came from Tarsus T type closed penitentiary for women


The penitentiary was built at the exit of Tarsus city in the middle of on empty land and yet still with many missing parts, and which is exposed to 50 deg. C weather conditions and it is claimed that prisoners are disciplined with thirst.


Mehdi Zana Akkaya , lawyer of Mersin Bar Assocation, stated that torture and bad treatment is applied to the prisoners, upon his interview with his client.


One demijohn water to ward of 17 prisoners

Akkaya said that there are 98 female prisoners in the penitentiary , who are staying in wards of 17 persons and their water demand is not met sufficiently, for each ward , only one demijohn is given on daily basis.


Akkaya added that pounding , toture, bad treatment and physical torture is goning on : “Water is given to prisoners between 08-10 am in the morning and 16-20 in the evening. One-man food is given to 3 persons and prisoners can not supply their demands from the canteen.


“They would kill us with heat”

Akkaya stated that with the rise of temperatures , prisoners face serious problems and his client told him that “They would kill us with heat” and there is no facility to cool off the prisoners and due to the water shortage , they had in a very bad condition.


Akkaya also explained that even paper and pen were not given to the prisoners and continued : “Prisoners can not even express their complaints due to this reason. Prisoners are not transferred to infirmary after pounding and pounding report is also not given. The petitions which are written by prisoners under difficult conditions , are not delivered to necessary recipients and furthermore these petitions are not leaving the penitentiary.


Akkaya mentioned that serious right violations are applied to the prisoners arrested due to state of emergency and prisoners were trying to meet with the director of penitentiary for complaints but this attempt was not accepted.


Hunger Strike Warning from the prisoners

Akkaya reminded that since the opening day, this penitentiary is referred to torture and a petition regarding the penitentiary was sent to Ministry of Justice last week : “My client told me that if these bad conditions would not come to an end , they as prisoners would consider to start hunger strike but they would resist and everybody should be aware of this”.


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