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Seven People On Average Detained Every Day for Their Social Media Sharings

511 people in Turkey were arrested in the past ten weeks for content they posted on their social media accounts, Turkish online news portal Diken reported.

Turkish Ministry of Interior’s weekly newsletter listing the number of Turkish citizens arrested on terror charges, seized weapons, smuggled contraband, drugs and organization documents showed that during the last ten weeks 6,146 social media accounts were investigated. 2,574 social media users were identified, and 511 of them were detained.

The Ministry did not make a statement about whether those who were arrested were already under an investigation. According to ministry announcement, the owners of the social media accounts were accused of being a member of “FETO”/PDY/ PKK/TAK/ISIS terrorist groups; praising these organizations on their social media accounts; promoting hatred and hostility; conspiring against the integrity of the state” the Ministry report said.

According to the official data, the number of people taken into custody has increased to 279 in the weeks following May 29th from 232 in the first five week period that the Ministry issued the statistics on social media arrests. The weekly numbers of detained people are as follows:

-31 people between 24th April-1st May,

-41 people between 1st-8th May,

-57 people between 8th-15th May,

-48 people between 15th-22th May,

-55 people between 22th-29th May,

-81 people between 29th May-5th June,

-38 people between 5th-12th June,

-49 people between 12th-19th June,

-72 people between 19th-28th June,

-39 people between 26th June-3th July.

Ebru Aksay

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