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German Foreign Ministry asks Erdogan not to bring problematic bodyguards to G20

By Michael Hornsby, Berlin

Berlin – Amid concerns of violent clashes erupting on the streets of Hamburg during the G20 summit on July 7 and 8, German authorities have moved to keep at least one potentially distributive group away: Erdoğan’s bodyguards.  

German media reported on Sunday that the German Foreign Ministry has told Turkey not to bring to Hamburg the 12 bodyguards for whom the United States has issues arrest warrants.

Earlier this month, Washington DC Police issued warrants for members of the Turkish President’s security team after they brawled with Kurdish protestors during a visit the US capital in May.

The Hamburg Abendblatt reports that the Turkish Embassy had sent the Foreign Ministry a list of around 50 people who would accompany Erdoğan to Hamburg for the summit. This included some of those wanted for their involvement in the DC melee.

Reports also suggest that German authorities are concerned about clashes taking place between members of Hamburg’s sizeable Kurdish community and right-wing Turkish nationalists.

Police are expecting thousands of left-wing activists from across Europe to protest the Hamburg summit. Among those calling for demonstrations are the Swiss group who sparked a diplomatic incident in March by unfurling a banner reading “Kill Erdogan With His Own Weapons” at a rally in Bern.




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