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Head of Nationalist Alperen Ocakları: We won’t allow the ‘Pride March’

Kürşat Mican, İstanbul Provincial Director of Alperen Ocakları (a Turkish nationalist group) said that they will never allow to ‘Honor Walk’ which will be held on Jun. 25. ‘If the goverment permits, we will not allow it. Wherever they walk, we go that area and close that street with 200 thousands of people if needs and they cannot come there anymore. Our reaction is not against to private lives of people. It’s a reaction to prevent the ethical corruption of our society. This walking is not a normal freedom.’, he said.

There’s already been a lawsuit about Mican to threaten LGBTIs. He had talked as ‘We took the all chances, we will stop this march’ before the 14th LGBTI Honor March on Jun. 26, 2016.

But Mican’s statement has received an interesting respond from AK LGBT, who are describing themselves as ‘Conservative LGBTI Individuals’ on their social media account @aklgbti, ‘Even we walk with some groups on the same way, we will always continue to say stop to discrimination, injustice. Our religion is a love religion, not a hate one.’ They also shared a photograph of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Emine Erdoğan with Bülent Ersoy which shows them on the same table. AK LGBTI also pinned an announcement to their main page related with the Honor March of LGBTIs which includes calling to all associations, platforms and societies.

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