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Erdogan: 176 journalists jailed due to links to terrorism groups, out of 177

Erdoğan delivered a long speech to media members at the Huber Pavilion at the iftar dinner on Sunday.

He emphasized that being a spin-doctor for international scourge campaigns is not the journalism by saying that targeting the state, the security of the state and the future of the country will never be reconciled to journalism over the distortions that ‘FETÖ’ served.

(NTV’s owner Ferit Şahenk (second from the right) and CNN Türk and Hürriyet’s owner, Aydın Doğan (far right) listened to Erdoğan very carefully.)

Erdoğan later came to the point by these words, as reported by Turkish news portal Diken: “It is indispensable for this profession to tell the truth to the reader and viewer in the simplest form. Because the distorted truth is not the truth anymore. A non-objective, one-sided, even deliberate news is not a real news. Unfortunately, we have always faced a massive propaganda bombardment in our country, especially with disinformation instead of real news for years. Especially those who are in the important positions of the media world were using it not to announce the voice of the nation, not to promote democracy, but to especially reflect their own ideals and maintain it. The media put itself in a position to substitute legislative, executive and judicial rather than being a force that creates public opinion on behalf of the people. You know very well how the Turkish media failed ‘the test’, especially during the coup eras.”

The AKP government has allowed different voices and opinions

Erdoğan claimed that during the periods they were in power they were trying to establish different voices and different opinions especially in the media sector as they were in other fields. He said, “It is a truth that today our media is more colorful, more democratic, more pluralistic even if those who lose their privileges are uncomfortable with it.”

The president also “did not forget” the journalists in prison;

“Some organizations in the West come and tell us the same thing all the time: ’ There are many detained journalists in your prisons’. Today in our country, I tell you the statistics of our ministry, only two of the 177 detained people who expressed their profession as journalists have yellow press card. One of these 177 people is in prison for murder, others for their involvement in terrorist organizations.

They report this to the western world with such a disinformation that the western world also comes to us for these journalists. Will you look at the information and documents that our ministry gave you, or their lies? I now believe that the discussions that have taken place over the last few days should be considered in this frame.”

Erdoğan ended his words as follows: “Searching for news and mediating betrayal are completely different things. There is basically no difference between the man who write on the order of terrorist organizations and the man who takes a gun and goes to the mountain. Of course there will be a sanction of cooperating with the members of the terrorist organization, breaking the law and taking the actions threatening national security.”

Translated by Osman Bilgin

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