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Salaries of Erdogan’s Advisors became secret

Reporter asked how many advisors Erdogan had and their salaries. PR Department of Presidency responded that such info was not a concern to the public.

Salaries and number of advisors of Erdogan which became an argument topic constantly after moving to new Presidential Building, were not clarified on the grounds that it is not a concern to the public.

PR Department of President rejected the acquisition of knowledge to learn the number and salaries of President Erdogan .

Advisors of Erdogan who became a discussion topic recently due to their contradictive statements, became secret. Acc. to article of Alican Uludag of Hurriyet newspaper,

Number of advisors were increased after moving to nw presidential building as well as new advisors were employed for nearly all subjects. The number was stated as 23 previously. But exact number and salaries were not stated. Reporter of Cumhuriyet newspaper, forwarded a question regarding number and salaries of Erdogan  acc. to the right to information act.

PR Department of President stated that acc. to Law No4982 and 25th article,  information and documents related to the staff and in house practices which are not a concern to the public , are not covered with the right of information act and rejected answering the acquisition of knowledge.

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