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CHP Report Claims That July 15th was a ‘Controlled Coup’

Denizalp Goktas

A 307-page report prepared by the main opposition party in Turkey, CHP, was presented to the June 15th Coup Commission at the Parliament. The communique that claimed June 15th Coup Attempt was a “controlled coup” said: “This treasonous and bloody coup attempt was an unexpected, shocking and terrifying event for the citizens of this country. But, there were certain people aware of the coup plans and they willingly waited for it to happen.”

The report underlined a unique series of strange events starting with the meeting of the Chief of Staff of the Turkish army and the head of the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT). The meeting, according to the report and media accounts, lasted 6.5 hours. The report argued that when even the mainstream media commentators were predicting a coup attempt, the intelligence service claimed to have no clue about it.

The section of the report that argued the attempt was a ‘controlled coup’ claims:

“It is clear that the preparation of the coup was known by many and was followed closely by the government. The most evident proof of this are the articles written by Fuat Ugur 4 months before the coup attempt. The articles that were published in the Turkiye newspaper on the March 24th, 2016; April 2nd, 2016 and April 21st, 2016 pointed out the possibility of a coup attempt.

The coup was planned by Adil Oksuz, Kemal Batmaz, Hakan Cicek, Nurettin Oruc and Harun Binis. The connection of these people to Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Organization was known by the state intelligence agencies.

Adil Oksuz, Kemal Batmaz, Hakan Cicek, Nurettin Oruc and Harun Binis were known to be high ranking Gulenists who held many meetings with high-ranking commanders to prepare for the coup.

The excuse of the Turkish intelligence services claiming that the agency was not allowed to communicate intelligence information with the army is not right.

It is even more dubious is the fact that Cheif of Staff Hulusi Akar cut his program in Izmir short on the 15th to attend the military council’s meeting after which the coup started.

Furthermore, it is still not clear why the intelligence services did not inform the president about the coup. The intelligence agency was aware of the coup at 14:20, yet the President and the Prime Minister were notified of the coup from their friends and family.

When the army realized that a rogue group was attempting a coup at 18:30, the headquarters ordered all military units not leave their compounds at 19:26; which according to commander Zekai Aksakalli, is standard military practice. Despite these orders, the highest military commanders on that day went to participate a wedding then they were arrested while at the wedding. This situation cannot be explained.

Following the coup, the declared State of Emergency was to be temporary, yet, Erdogan used the State of Emergency rule to neutralize the parliament, stifle free speech and media to stop the truth -that this was a controlled coup- from coming out.”

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