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Ahmet Şık was awarded the Gunter Wallraff critical journalism award.

The Gunter Wallraff award was created by Nachrichtenaufklarung in Germany to attract the attention on news ignored by the mainstream media

Besides Ahmet Şık, the Turkish news outlet taz.gazete that operates in Germany has also been given an award.

Ahmet Şık’s wife picked up the award for her husband in the award ceremony that took place in Koln and said that her husband was proud of receiving this award.

Gunter Wallraff commented on the attribution of the award to Ahmet Şık the following way: “Ahmet Şık has not gotten tired of denouncing anti-democratic practices in Turkey for the last 27 years. I am really proud to give this award to Ahmet Şık who is always looking for the truth. He is journalist I take example from.”

Walraff has finished his short speech with a quote from Ahmet Şık: “From this oppression and torment will rise something that the ones in the government are afraid of and something that we have been dreaming of. A new life. This is why we need to continue resisting”.

Last year the Wallraff award for critical journalism was won by Haber Nobeti which was a solidarity action organized by journalists in zones of conflict.

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