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Pro-AKP Columnist announced a new coup date: June 15

Abdulkadir Selvi announced a new date for a new coup : “Big bloodshed will happen” is said.

Hurriyet Columnist Abulkadir Selvi who is also closely aligned with the ruling party, wrote in his latest column about a discussion supposed to be held between Pro-Gulens. According to this, pro-Gulen folks stated: “We will see what happens till 15 June. This time big bloodshed will happen. “

He added : “They talk about new coup’s date “.

With the title of “New Coup date from Pro-Gulen people” , narrated the situation as follow :

“This incident happened a while ago in Rhodes. Discussion is between Pro-Gulen people who are in preparation to flee to Greece”

They discuss a new coup date : “We will wit till 15 June. This time a big bloodshed to take place.

One of the persons who is ranked higher than others, mentioning Erdogan, said that they would see who was enjoying the feast (bayram)  

These persons who are trying to flee to Greece through Rhodes are not regular Gulenists. As it is less risky, they use this route. Also internally discussing new coup on 15 June. After 17-26 December, they inserted “coup” term into circulation into the country’s agenda by indicating coup date as 15 February or early March . It did not happen. Furthermore in the last 6 months before 15 July coup attempt, 15 serious coup denunciation were made to National Intelligence Agecy (MIT). They were also not correc. But 16th became true. It means in their long term planning , coup was having a part, now as we see they did not give up on coup aim.


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