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Turkish soldiers position an anti-aircraft gun at Incirlik airbase in the southern city of Adana, Turkey, July 27, 2015. Turkey attacked Kurdish insurgent camps in Iraq for a second night on Sunday, security sources said, in a campaign that could end its peace process with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Germany will pull out from Incirlik air base either ‘this week or next’

German officials said that they will announce their decision on Wednesday if Germany will pull out from İncirlik air base or not, which caused a diplomatic crisis with Turkey. After his meetings in Turkey, German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel who noted that Germany does not have any other option than pulling out from the air base further added “Next week we will give a start to pull out our troops from the air base. We had to take this decision due to internal affairs”.

The gates to İncirlik did not open up

Before his meeting with Prime Minister, Mr. Gabriel got together with his Turkish counterpart, Turkish Foreign Minister, Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu. However, when his request with German MPs to be able to visit İncirlik air base was turned down, he expressed his regret about the outcome.

Rising Tensions

The relations with Germany were initially strained when Germany recognized ‘Armenian Genocide’. Tensions reached to a higher level with the criticisms from Germany on the implementation of State of Emergency following the coup attempt, with the espionage efforts by the officials from the Turkish Religious Affairs, with those not extradited back to Turkey when they sought for asylum after the coup attempt, and with President Tayyip Erdoğan’s accusation for Germany behaving ‘like Nazis’ as well as with the arrest of Die Welt correspondent Deniz Yücel

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