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AKP Voted to Reject Commission for ‘Political Foot of the Coup.’

AKP voted to deny the HDP proposal for the establishment of a commission to investigate the ‘Political foot of the coup.’ Opposing party deputies criticized the ‘Coup Attempt Report’ saying it didn’t conduct an inquiry into the details of the coup attempt.

The chair of the commission, AKP’s Resat Petek showed the CHP deputies’ photos taken during the overtaking of the media groups close to Gulen Community. CHP deputies Baris Yarkadas and Mahmut Tanal’s opposition caused a verbal fight among PMs. Deputy Chairman Aysenur Bahcekapili interrupted the session and she warned the AKP deputies saying ‘Is this how you fight for your principles?’

During the tense session, CHP’s Levent Gök showed the document which includes ‘Fethullah Gulen’s donation to CHP,’ to the head of the Coup Attempt Commission Resat Petek and said They must apologize for the [fake] document.

CHP: The report was filed after the coup

CHP claimed that the so-called document was fake. ‘This record was created by filling an empty receipt bought from an online collector. Those are on sale on the internet. They bought an empty document on the web and filled as if Gulen donated 5,000 TL [$ 560] to the party.’

Ebru Aksay, Edited by Jane Bannerman

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