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Mehmet Dişli: General Akar might have misunderstood me due to the trauma that he experienced

The trial of 221 suspects related to the events during 15th July coup attempt at the General Staff Headquarters by the so-‘Peace at Home Council’ has begun. General Akar’s former aide and brother of AKP PM Şaban Dişli, Major-General Mehmet Dişli has given his defense of the events that occurred that night.

Dişli has been accused of being with the team that caught General Akar in his room on the coup night and who came to Çankaya Palace with Akar by the same helicopter. He denied all accusations against him in the indictment and said that Hulusi Akar, General Chief of Staff, ‘ is a commander who I worked together with for years. He has the best knowledge of the situation at that moment. Because of the trauma that he experienced, maybe he might have misunderstood me.’

Mehmet Dişli also refused the accusations of being a member of ‘FETO’. He stated further ‘On the contrary, I was a target of this organization for a long time. I went to headquarters at 20.45 to inform Hulusi Akar before I would brief the President about what the Chief of Staff (Akar’s) orders were and the best course of action to pursue.

While coming into the General’s room, I was detained by gunmen and taken to another room. A blank paper and a pen were placed in front of me. After I had noted their requests (The Chief of Staff ceased governing the armed forces, Peace at Home Council was established,etc…), I was to go into the  General’s room and read aloud the notes. But General Akar from the beginning didn’t take them seriously.’

According to Dişli’s statements, guns were heard, and a team came into the room and tried to immobilize the General. ‘When the gun noises intensified, I suggested that the General should be taken to a secure area. Then I, the General and a few soldiers got on the helicopter together.’

Mehmet Dişli’s defense trial continues.

Translated by Ebru Aksay

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