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Erdogan slams Trump’s White House: From now on, everything is going to be reciprocal

Ilhan Tanir, Washington DC

President Erdogan, during an Iftar speech with a headmen group, harshly criticized the US administration for its support for the YPG and PYD, the groups that the Ankara Government labels as terrorist organizations.

Erdogan’s harshest criticism for the Trump administration heard, till date. Erdogan accused US having aim to divide Turkey also implied about Reza Zarrab and Fethullah Gulen as well as recent cancellation of Iftar invitation at the US State Department.

Erdogan, regarding US policy to arm YPG, said: ”What is the goal of giving ammunition and big weapons to terror groups that  can decorate one big army? Nobody should deceive anyone. The reason it to divide Turkey. When we look at past, we understand now why our fight against terrorism does not go the way we wish to see. When a thief inside the house, the door cannot be locked.”

”From now on, if we see a smallest attack coming from Syria on our territory, we will not look at right, or left (will not ask for any permission, WH) but do whatever is necessary.”

”We know what those, who smile at our face, do in our back.”

”Our citizen is in your prison, you ought to give him to us.” (they say) “Then you ought to give us that head of terrorists that who is not in the prison (Fethullah Gulen, in Pennsylvania). He tries to manage 180 countries from there. We sent 80 boxes of docs for extradition but despite this.. This cannot happen. From now on, everything will be reciprocal.”

”Heyyy America, you may be a very big country in the world economically, but when it comes to rights and justice, I’m sorry… US used to host iftars in every Ramadan. But this Ramadan, US State Department canceled the iftar invitations. Where is it? I thought there was no discrimination? You used to say you were not against the freedom of belief. What is this now? Of course, by this, our looking at you is changing. We are looking at your deeds, not words.”

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