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Since the Coup Attempt, 942 Private Companies Seized Worth Over $10 Billion

After July 15th, 2016, head of 942 companies were appointed by Turkish Government and the total asset size of these companies was found to be 40.5 billion TL.

Responding to the question proposal of CHP İzmir Deputy Atilla Sertel, Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli stated that, after the coup attempt trustees were appointed to eight holdings on the claim thet, they were providing support for a terrorist organization and the trusteeship was transferred to the Turkish Government.

These holdings were owned by Naksan, Hasırcı, Boydak, Koza-İpek, Dumankaya, Kaynak, Akla, Akfel and contains total of 234 companies.

The number of companies trustee assigned by Government has reached to 942.

According to Canikli’s balance sheet, the total asset size of these companies is about 40.5 billion TL, the total equity is about 18.1 billion TL and turnover is 21.5 billion TL. None of the seized companies were sold yet. The exact number of employees in these companies is 44 thousand 868.

‘Trustees will earn between 2 and 12 thousand TL’

Nurettin Canikli, gave the following information about salary inquiries received by the Trustees assigned to the companies: “According to Article 19 of Law No. 6758, the managers of these companies are appointed by the Minister and to be associated with the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF). Fees paid to managers vary between TL 2,000 and TL 12,000, and these amounts are paid by a single company, regardless of the number of companies in which the assignee is employed. The fees are determined by the Minister. ”

Responding to the question of Sertel’s complaints that “Trustees behave badly to employees and shareholders in addition to causing income loss” Canikli said they are investigating and working on complaints reached to themselves and the SDIF.

SDIF last week stated that as of the end of March, 879 companies were confiscated in 43 cities, and the market value of the companies is more than 40 billion TL. The SDIF has also announced that 147 media companies also have been closed.

According to the SDIF’s annual report;

– About 45 thousand people were employed in the companies that were handed over

– Removal decision on 24 media companies abolished

– 38 of the closed media companies were TV channels, 39 of them were radio stations, 70 of them were newspapers, magazines and printing houses.

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