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Nazife Onay: Beaten and Taken Into Custody Fifteen Times

Teacher Nazife Onay, who was dismissed from the job by an Emergency Decree issued under the State of Emergency declared after the coup attempt on July 15, was beaten and detained.

Nazife Onay has been taken into custody for a total of 15 times in the actions that she reclaimed her work.

According to a report in the Evrensel, Onay said in front of a shopping mall in Istanbul before she was detained:

“We want these Emergency Decrees removed, canceled. For years we have done our jobs honorably, we have gone out on the streets for our employment security. This resistance, which started in Ankara, is continuing in other provinces as well. Nuriye Gulmen and Semih Özakça have been continuing hunger strike for 82 days. We are teachers, we are being detained for reclaiming our jobs. We will win by resisting, we are workers, we are right, and we will win.”

Veysel Karacabeyli

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