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Urgent call from the mother of the French Journalist Mathias Depardon

Journalist Mathias Depardon who was transferred to the Deport Center in Gaziantep to be deported after being detained in Turkey on 8 May. After the call of French Media, his mother also spoke to the press to make him free.

According to the news from DW Turkish, Depardon’ mother, Daniele Van de Lanotte who spoke to French 24 internet news site has lived in Turkey for many years. Van de Lanotte said she was worried that Depardon had been held in the Deport Center for more than two weeks and that she could not communicate directly with her son during this time.

Van de Lanotte asked Depardon to be visited in order to learn the conditions of detention as soon as possible by calling France’s Ambassador to Ankara. Van de Lanotte said that attempts to communicate with the Turkish authorities failed, and he hoped that it would end soon.

According to AFP’s news based on French diplomatic sources, they informed that Turkish authorities were not responding to French authorities’ requests for consular access, including telephone calls.


Van de Lanotte said she wants the government of Emmanuel Macron, who took over the administration on 14 May following the election on 7 May in France, to take an initiative on the release of Depardon. Van de Lanotte thinks this delay is related to the government change and the process of setting up the new cabinet. She said: “After the setting of the new government, the change of the foreign minister may have delayed the release of my son.”

Nevertheless, Van de Lanotte stated that she is receiving information from the French Embassy every day. She also said she hoped Depardon, who resides in Turkey, would not be deported from the country after his release. She continued as: “The ultimate deportation will be dramatic and disgraceful for someone who has lived in Turkey for years.”


On the other hand, European and Central Asia Office Chief of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Johann Birr found Depardon’s detention as “unacceptable” and said “The Turkish authorities must immediately end this Kafkaesque situation” in his written statement.

A similar call came from the French publications that Depardon worked with at regular intervals. Liberation newspaper and its 19 institutions inked a letter addressing Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu demanding the release of the journalist “immediately and unconditionally”.

The 37-year-old French journalist and photographer were taken into custody at Hasankeyf where he went for the National Geographic magazine. According to French sources, while Depardon, who has lived in Turkey for the last five years, was being taken into custody, the press card was in the process of renewal.  Osman Bilgin

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