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Striking Claims from Brigadier Gen.: Intel Chief and top Turkish General knew the coup in advance

By Bulent Korkmaz

Brigadier General:  Coup attempt was under the control of chief of general staff and intelligence head

Turkey’s July 15 coup attempt trial kicked off on Monday and continued on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Monday Akın Ozturk, accused of leading the plot, denied all claims. On Tuesday Ali Yazıcı, the former top military aide of President Erdoğan and  Levent Türkan, top aide of Chief of General Staff, pleaded not guilty.

Striking claims by Erhan Caha

On Wednesday’s trial, former brigadier Erhan Caha asserted that chief of general staff and head of the intelligence service knew the plot in advance.

He defended himself as follows: “This heinous coup attempt performed under the approval and control of the chief of general staff, commanders-in-chief of armed forces and intelligence head.  If they have listened before the court this will come to light. In July 15 evening, Turkish Armed Forces were dragged into a coup plot and dissolved gradually from that day forward. Who are behind this plot? On July 16, I understood the happenings and find myself in the middle of this tragedy.”

Why a warning ignored? 

Caha also stressed that military personnel must have been warned of the situation and makes no sense to do so. He continued as: “Commander of Special Forces Zekai Aksallı’s statement is crucial. Aksakallı said: “ During such crises personnel ordered not to leave. If this order had been issued coup would have come to light”. Why people doing professionally this job didn’t think this simple rule? If a warning had been issued as soon as the plot learned none of these events wouldn’t have occurred.”  

Letter to chief of general staff

During the hearing, Caha read his letter addressed to the chief of general staff. He pointed out different doubts and said: “I think this is a civil coup with military looking.”  He called out to chief of general staff Hulusi Akar as: “You will go down in the history of glorious Turkish Armed Forces as a commander who didn’t impede injustice that thousands of soldiers suffered hugely

He finished his defense: “I didn’t take part in any stage of this plot. My name was attached to the “Peace at Home Council” deliberately with directives

Kılıcdaroğlu had pronounced similar allegations

During the referendum campaign on constitutional amendments main opposition party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıcdaroglu had suggested that July 15coup attempt was a controlled one. President Erdogan had reacted harshly on Kılıcdaroglu’s statement and afterward, opposition leader made no public announcement on the topic.

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