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Harsh words to Erdogan from the US Congress: Gestapo … islamofascist … Mafia …

Ilhan Tanir

During US Congress’ Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats Subcommittee meeting headed by Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher, the members suggested President Erdogan not to be invited to the US again.

Rohrabacher and the Committee gathered to discuss the violent May 16th brawl in front of Turkish Embassy residence in Washington. Some protesters who were attacked that day testified as ‘witnesses’ at the meeting.

Rohrabacher said “a president from another country who watched his bullyboys beat Americans to the ground and bloodied them, and for him to protest our people, that is a supreme insult. I hope all Americans understand the message that he is giving us. But we have a message for him; we don’t need people like you visiting the United States anymore,” during his opening statement. Rohrabacher also questioned the July 15th coup attempt, calling it the ‘so-called coup d’état,’ and reminded the committee that Erdogan expanded his authority after the coup, crushing all the Turkish opposition using the blow.

Rohrabacher is known to be close to President Trump.

Rohrabacher who said that after this incident Gulenists should also be re-evaluated adding ‘We do not need people like you to visit the US anymore. If we need to talk, we talk to the Turks. Not with a repressor like you.” Calling the Turkish President an Islamofascist, Mr. Rohrabacher said that Erdogan was against all the fundamental values that the US represented.

David Cicilline, a senior Democrat member of the Committee, took the floor and he continued his heavy criticism. Cicilline noted that Turkish leader attacked US’s fundamental freedoms and rights.

Democratic Party’s Brad Sherman noted that Turkey must indeed ‘apologize’ and emphasized that they would ‘not retreat’ against Erdogan.

Mr. Meeks, known to be sympathetic to the Turkish Government also had harsh words for the Turkish government; “Individual freedoms are being attacked in Turkey. Now the Turkish Government is trying to move that offense to Washington, the ninth of world democracy. Peaceful protesters were attacked by the bullies. The emerging images show that Erdogan is watching the events and going back inside without intervening, thus giving a passive approval.”

The committee members invited the protesters to go back to the Turkish Embassy and promised to join them. David Cicilline, Dana Rohrabacher, joined Ted Poe and pledged to join the protest.

Congressman Ted Poe called both Erdogan and his guards ‘Gestapo’ and that the leader of another country breaking the US the Constitutional Laws was unheard of.

House Majority leader Paul Ryan also tweeted that he joins the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee in condemning the violent intervention of the Turkish authorities and demanded “a complete apology.”

The House passed a resolution today condemning the violence and asking for a formal apology.

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