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Ekim Alptekin: I Hired Flynn to do Research on Gulenists

The Turkish businessperson who hired Gen. Michael Flynn during the closing months of the 2016 presidential election refused to say whether he had been questioned or received a subpoena in connection with the ongoing investigation into the dealings of Trump associates during the campaign.

“I cannot comment on that,” Ekim Alptekin told ABC News in an interview on Monday.

Alptekin is currently in Washington DC for ATC-TAIK conference and gave a speech in the opening ceremony.

Alptekin: US has chosen the  Marxist group over Turkey

Alptekin stated that “today the United States as chosen YPG, a Marxist terrorist group, over  Turkey”  Labeling this as ‘transactional’ activity, Alptekin asserted “the last time US made a similar transactional decision was in Afghanistan when the Pentagon decided to arm the Mücahattin. This effectively created al-Qaeda.”

Alptekin spent a fair amount of speech on US-YPG partnership, reminded that “the Turkish Armed Forces are still the only native army. To put boots on the ground in Syria fighting on the front lines against ISIS.”

Alptekin: I hired Flynn for researching Gulenists

Alptekin’s second main issue was Gulenists. Alptekin said: “One of these problems is religious extremism and Fethullah Gülen and his followers represent one of the most dangerous forms that it takes. As many as of you have read in media, I hired to Flynn Intell Group in 2016 before the election. With an individual that to help me understand where the Turkish-American relationship is where is going and what the obstacles to the relationship. One of these obstacles may be the largest are Gülenists’ activities on US soil. My aim was to commission an independent research and to establish objective facts to help the business community understand and anticipate the effect of these activities on the overall Turkish-American relationship.”

Such work is important because of us Turks almost four years fully understand what Fethullah Gülen’s Organization is what about. Over time dozens of articles and books were written but the authors either killed or faced false charges disappeared in prisons. The wasn’t until Gülenists tried to over the government, bombed our parliament and killed hundred of civilians that their face became visible to Turkish society. Today this is perhaps the only issue the all political parties in Turkey every young, even the opposite marginal parties.”

Alptekin urged the US not to tolerate Gulen’s presence on its soil.

Alptekin in the past

Alptekin in the past stated he hired Flynn Group to do research and study on regional developments for energy projects. Alptekin asserted in the past, he hired Flynn to do this analysis on behalf of a regional energy company.

Ilhan Tanir, Ebru Aksay

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