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People’s Democratic Party (HDP): 6 million people expect justice from European Human Rights Court (ECHR)

The HDP delegation, together with the European parliamentarians, called for justice for the arrested deputies at the in front of the ECHR.

HDP Spokesman Osman Baydemir said, “In the last 194 days, 6 million people are expecting justice for the deputies they elected. Domestic law is exhausted and there is no way other than the ECHR. Delayed justice is not justice. The ECHR should make their decisions urgently”

According to the news in DHaber, HDP deputies and a group of European parliamentarians made statements for the imprisoned deputies at the in front of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).They called for a decision to take immediate action for the imprisoned deputies in Turkey.

HDP spokesman Osman Baydemir spoke on behalf of the HDP delegation.  “Our deputies Demirtaş, Yüksekdağ they are not only representing themselves but they are representatives of 6 million people who vote for them. For almost two years in Turkey, all rights and freedoms protected by the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) are under great pressure. One of the most concrete signs of this is the abolition of the immunity of the HDP co-directors and its deputies.There is no legal ground in this decision, it is completely political” said Osman Baydemir.

After the July 15 coup attempt, besides dozens of journalists and hundreds of academics, 13 MPs also were arrested and put into prison by the AKP government. With new decree-laws, the judiciary has become an instrument of punishment and destruction of the opposition of the AKP government in Turkey.

Mustafa Öz

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