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Results of April 16th referendum should not be accepted

Ex Vice President of CHP (Republican People’s Party) and ex Kocaeli MP Hurşit Güneş told that the ‘no’ vote percentage achieved in the referendum was a success albeit all that unlawfulness. He said that CHP should not act in preparation for 2019 election, seemingly accepting the referendum results, hence in accordance with Erdoğan’s thoughts. A constitutional amendment should be brought up for a parliamentary democratic regime in Turkey. Otherwise, democracy cannot be restored.

-Can you briefly evaluate the referendum results? Was ‘no’ successful?

Spite of all negative conditions, ‘no’ was successful. Some referendums may pass with 51% but not this one. A country’s regime cannot be changed with 51%. Process pre-referendum was already in defect. A lot of unfair practices took place openly. RTUK (Supreme Board of Radio and Television) changed the broadcasting rules, YSK (Supreme Electoral Council) changed the law. HDP deputies were jailed. I would have preferred CHP appealing the Constitutional Court regarding immunities and resisting in the parliament. Some could have said CHP and HDP (People’s Democratic Party) are hand in hand; then we could have replied it is better than making bargains in Habur and Imralı with KWP. A legal political party should not be forced to go underground. They also made some mistakes, and was not able to dissociate themselves. However, Turkey will win if HDP remains in the democratic environment. Eventually, ‘no’ was successful.

-What are your thoughts about the calls for CHP to withdraw from the parliament?

We are pro parliamentary democracy. We respect the parliament, we asked people to vote for us and they voted only enough for us to be the main opposition. We have the responsibility to carry on the opposition. It would be irresponsible to withdraw from the parliament. It is also bad for Turkey, because it would mean a parliament without opposition. It is not logical or ethical to say no to one-man-state and yet withdraw from the parliament.

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