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New Video of the Washington Brawl Shows Erdogan at the Scene

A new video of the brawl between demonstrators and the Turkish guards during the Washington visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan emerged, showing the Turkish leader watching the events unfold from his official state car.

At one point, surrounded by an army of bodyguards, the Turkish President steps out of his car to inspect the events.

In the newest video of the events in Washington, Erdogan appears to be giving orders to the detail closest to him and overseeing the aggression. The first Turkish bodyguard who seems to have taken an order from Erdogan himself talks to another detail, who immediately runs toward the crowd. A few seconds later, following the lead of the second guard, rest of the guards seem to be launching the brawl with the protesters.

Erdoğan then continues to watch the events unfolding a few seconds more before moving inside to the residency.

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