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McCain, McCaskill Call for Kicking out the Turkish Ambassador

Ilhan Tanir


Arizona Senator John McCain called for the Turkish ambassador in Washington, Serdar Kılıç, to be declared “persona non-grata” on “Morning Joe,” one of the leading morning news programs on MSNBC.

Immediately after Senator McCain’s call, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D) tweeted, saying “agree with @SenJohnMcCain. Unacceptable. They were assaulting these people on US soil. Turkish Ambassador should be kicked out of [the] country. ”

Two days after the altercation in front of the Turkish embassy more reaction is coming from Washington. As well as the US State Department, Defense Ministries, Congressional Committees and the DC Mayor; dozens of Senators and Congressmen, former officials, journalists, and writers condemned the Turkish guards involved in the altercation. The DC Police Department did not rule out issuing arrest warrants for the Turkish bodyguards who participated the scuffle and beaten the protestors.

The Turkish Embassy claims that Turkish-US protesters in front of the Turkish residence were protesting without permit and were connected to the PKK, an internationally recognized terrorist group. Turkish Embassy asserted more measures should be taken in the future to prevent such incidents happening.

Turkish Ambassador spotted in one of videos in which he angrily protesting against the DC Police for not doing enough to stop protestors in the circle. Protestors in many other videos heard chanting ”terorist Erdogan” from the circle which can be heard from inside of the Turkish Residence. It is believed that those chants which can be heard by President Erdogan inside of the Residence might have energized Turkish Ambassador and Turkish bodyguards to move ahead against the protestors, which were numbered about a dozen.

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