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DC Police Chef: Arrest warrant could be issued for Turkish security personnel

DC Police Chef: Arrest  warrant could be issued for Turkish security personnel

Bulent Korkmaz, Turkey

Ilhan Tanir, Washington, DC

9 injured, 2 seriously, in the melee took place outside the Turkish Embassy Residence in Washington just after President Erdoğan met with  President Trump.  The brawl broke out between protesters and Erdogan’s supporters. DC Police Department spokesperson Dustin Sternbeck said two people were arrested, including one who was charged with assaulting a police officer.

Also US official telling journalist Nissenbaum that two Secret Service agents were injured yesterday.

US officials verified Erdoğan’s guards assaulted to the protesters who gathered outside the Embassy to protest Turkey’s Syria and Iraq police.

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain tweeted that: “This is the United States of America. We do not do this here. There is no excuse for this kind of thuggish behavior.”

Another Republican Sen. Ben Sasse tweeted: “President Erdogan, you would do well to remember that this country is built on free speech, free religion, free press, & freedom to protest.”

D.C. Police Department released a new statement and labeled the actions as standing in contrast to First amendments rights and principles. DCPD verified two arrest and informed that they will continue to work with State Department and United State Secret Service  to identify and hold all subjects accountable for their involvement in the altercation.

Metropolitan Chief of Police Peter Newsham held a press briefing and told that it was impossible to for DC police to meddle in the brawl since some people were carrying gun -who are supposed to be Turkish guards. Newsham added  “We are going to pursue anything that is within our legal powers to hold the folks that were responsible for their actions.”

Bodyguards appared to be going back Turkey in a picture

Men with their yellow pins on them appeared to be real bodyguards. In addition to that, one in the back looking out of window also seems to be the one guard who strangled a woman protestor yesterday.

This post has an update:

Even though the picture is real and showing with posted by another anonymous pro-AKP account @isimsizler_TR above in a praising manner of the Turkish bodyguards, earlier tweets at WasHatti coming from twitter account @Tznxjnvkoy seems to be inaccurate.


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