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Russia to maintain partnership with Syrian Kurds

On the sidelines of the “Road and Belt Forum” held in Beijing, President Putin made statements on various issues including Syria.

Putin decisive to work with YPG

Putin said Russia will maintain its partnership with Syrian Kurdish forces (YPG) in an effort to defeat ISIS and there is no need for Turkey to worry. He reminded that President Erdoğan had voiced his concern over Russia’s corporation with YPG when they met in Soçi and he clarified the situation to ease Erdoğan’s concerns.

Asked on whether Russia could  arm the  Kurdish fighters at any stage he replied, unlike the US, Russia sees no need to supply weaponry to those groups as they have own sources.

He continued: “It is time to work out technical details. Russia, Turkey and Iran will work together in Ankara, keeping in touch with Syrian side, to map out the safe zones and set up the monitoring process- who will control what and where.

Will Erdoğan be able to persuade Trump?

According to Hurriyet Daily, Erdoğan told the Turkish journalists that Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar, Head of Intelligence Hakan Fidan and Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın had gone to the US to inform the American authorities in advance on Turkish side’s views regarding US’s decision to arm YPG  and this issue will top the agenda of his meeting with President Trump.

He continued: “Initial exchange of views done by the officials, now we will make the final decision. If we are strategic allies we should act accordingly. If our alliance overshadowed by this disagreement, we will look for ways to fend for ourselves. We will not let the alliance suffocated by the approaches going against Turkey’s interests.”

Bülent Korkmaz

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