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Ministry is After Social Media Accounts: 57 in Custody

By Guliz Turker

Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that last week, 57 people were arrested for their social media posts. The ministry shared the breakdown of the previous week’s operations.

TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) and security forces had 483 operations against PKK; 118 people were taken into custody for aiding and abetting the terrorist organization.

2 people from ISIS, 767 from FETO, and 4 under various leftist groups were taken into custody. 891 individuals in total were detained as terror suspects just last week.

More than 1000 accounts were investigated

1341 social media accounts were examined last week, identifying 558 people, and 57 of them were taken into custody.
Ministry’s announcement claimed that the accounts “were publishing propaganda for terrorist organizations such as and mainly FETO/PYD, PKK/TAK, ISIS; praising these organizations; openly declaring relation to those groups; misguiding people to hatred, repulsion and hostility; insulting the statesmen; endangering the indivisibility of state and life safety of the society; and including hate speech”.

5000 refugees were stopped at the border

In last week’s operations, 73.475.548 TRL worth of opiates, 5.051.627 TRL worth of smuggled cigarettes and liquid fuel were confiscated.
Also last week, 5.169 refugees (155 of them overseas) were stopped at the border, and 47 human traffickers were taken into custody.

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