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Chinese Refused Entrance to Dutch Journalist Doornbos Citing Previous Turkey Visits

Dutch journalist Harald Boornbos who resides in the Middle East said that he was refused entrance to China for having Turkey stamps on his passport. Boornbos who had to go to North Korea for a news report wanted to transfer from Beijing to Pyongyang, using the ‘72-hour Transit Visa Exemption for EU Citizens’ to enter China. The only way to travel to Pyongyang is North Korean airline company, Air Koryo, which currently has flights from and to Beijing twice weekly. But because of his previous Turkey trips, he was refused to entrance to China. Boornbos wrote about his experience and his amazement on his personal Twitter account @HaraldDoornbos :

1/ OMG. I flew Dubai-Beijing to get a flight to N-Korea only to be refused entrance to China “because you have Turkish stamps in your passport.”

2/ Clearly shows how worried China is about 1000s of Chinese jihadists (Uyghurs) who travel via Turkey to/from AlQaeda territory in N-Syria.

3/ Chinese- &Turkish presidents also discussed the topic of Al-Qaeda Uyghurs in N-Syria y’day during #BeltandRoadForum.

4/ EU nationals get 72-hrs visa-free access to China. Today I was to pick up my N-Korean press visa in Beijing &fly to Pyongyang on Tuesday.

5/ As I arrived at Beijing airport, customs checked my (Dutch) passport &asked: “Why you visited Turkey? Why you have Turkish stamps?”

6/ I explained to Chinese customs I visit Turkey often to do stories on refugees, political situation, etc. >

7/ I also explained I only would stay 40 hrs in Bejing (72-hrs visa-free allowed) and fly to Pyongyang. This is the only way to get to N-Korea.

Ebru Aksay

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