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Because of the penitentiary’s book ban, the whole book was written by hand and sent as a letter

Dilara Çelik, when Prison administration banned from sending books to her five friends who were detained in City of Antalya, wrote Birhan Keskin’s 188-page poem book titled “Who will forgive me?” from the beginning to the end  and sent it to them as letter.

Dilara Çelik’s, a senior student of journalism at the Akdeniz University, five friends are isolated and banned from reaching to books and communication tools in Antalya prison but she found a solution for this. Writing the whole poem book as letter.

Celik spoke to internet news portal Gazete Karınca, about the seclusion conditions of her detained friends in custody and the book she wrote with her handwriting.

Celik said, ‘I will continue to write novels, poetry books, according to the wishes of the detainees until the conditions changes.’

Why the prisoners were arrested was not disclosed: ‘Secret File’

 Dilara Çelik’s student and journalist friends Mehmet Devrim Zongur, Süleyman Ay, Yasin Karasulu, Furkan İnce and his spiritual father Mehmet Ali Ugurlu were taken into custody on April 3rd, 2017. All of them were detained for 15 days, later arrested and have been send to Antalya L Type Prison.

‘They are isolated since the beginning of the arrest’

Because of the secrecy of the file, neither their relatives nor their lawyers were informed about the subject.

The prisoners were sent directly isolation cells after 15 days of detention. Prisoners are not allowed to reach to the television, radio, books, their friends or even their families. All five detainees went on hunger strike also due to the isolation conditions.

Dilara Çelik, talked about the isolation conditions of her friends:

May 5th was visting but since they were on a hunger strike, they were not allowed to meet us or their family. Because of state of emergency you can not meet with them as long as you are not mother or detainee. Books, newspapers, magazines also are forbidden. They indicated that they are allowed to go out of their cells half an hour a day to a balcony of three square meters size in letters they wrote to us. We demand these conditions to be heard and changed.

She wrote Birhan Keskin’s book by hand

Dilara Çelik, a journalism student, found the solution to overcome to book ban by writing the books and sending them as letter.

Çelik who wrote Birhan Keskin’s whole book consist of 188-page and titled as ”Who will forgive me” said:

My friends can not access to books, even newspaper, we write daily news in letters. Of course news are not current until they reach them. I first photocopied the book. They called it ‘the book’ and sent it back. We know that they put two or three persons in same cell during isolation. This time I wrote the book by hand in two nights and sent it as letters by dividing the book to  three part.

Dilara Çelik said she would keep writing the books. About her feeling while writing the books, Celik said:

Although I am a person who normally enjoys a lot of poetry, but I cried for these two nights while writing. It is very difficult for us to see them, to be under isolation and on a hunger strike. I asked them whether they wanted a novel in my letter. If they ask I write it does not matter what it takes. I am writing Ahmet Arif’s and Hasan Huseyin Korkmazgil’s books right now. They have no radio, television, they have nothing; Of course I will continue to make sure they are not bored there.


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